4 Ways Colleges Can Transform Retention Programs To Positively Impact Student Persistence  

4 Ways Colleges Can Transform Retention Programs To Positively Impact Student Persistence  

If you’re like many post-secondary presidents, deans of students, or student affairs professionals, student retention and persistence keeps you up at night – and for good reason; students are the heartbeat of your school.  In fact, 63 percent of college presidents consider student retention rates extremely important to their success.

Though retention is critical to college and university administrators, many programs fall short because the strategy is not holistic. They instead attempt a one-size-fits-all approach that is only superficially more cost-effective. This leads to many students of promise (first-gen, low income) to fall through the cracks.

With the release of our free new guide, “How BridgeEdU Transforms Retention Programs To Positively Impact Student Persistence,” Dr. Debora Johnson-Ross outlines how BridgeEdU’s holistic approach tackles the complexity of increasing student persistence among students of promise, helping both students and higher education institutions to succeed.

What’s inside? Here’s a sneak peek inside BridgeEdU’s holistic approach.


  1. Academic Support through Skills Matching

Although college is a time for exploring, students of promise are more likely to succeed if they feel they have the right skills to reach their goals. Robert J. Sternberg writes in Inside Higher Ed “Students are likely to perform at a higher level when they feel they have some academic ‘destination’ in mind—or at least when they feel that what they are doing will lead to such a trajectory.”

Want to ensure your students are set up for success? BridgeEdU supports both academic and career preparation objectives with a proprietary skill matching assessment tool. Sign up for a demo today.


  1. Personalized, Experiential Learning

Burger King hit a homerun when they came up with the slogan, “Have it your way.” Similarly to how people like a customized burger, students like and thrive in a personalized learning environment. After students understand their skill set, providing students with a personalized learning environment increases interest, engagement, subject mastery, and even personal responsibility.

One way to create a personal experience for students is through BridgEdU’s personalized learning modules designed to complement coursework. The key to success is ensuring students understand their strengths and weakness and have the tools to hone and improve.


  1. Success Coaching

The first year of college can be intimidating to any student. However, first-generation students often have to face more hurdles than their peers because they do not have the generational knowledge for navigating the complexities of college.

In a New York Times article, first-gen student Jason Munster shares he dropped an economics course with 200 students in it because “the class was just huge, and I was too nervous to raise my hand.”

To overcome the anxieties and challenges of being a first-year student, success coaches can provide students with extra guidance. BridgeEdU scholars learn they are capable of working through new challenges, which encourages them to persist with their scholastic and professional goals.


  1. Financial Aid Literacy and Counseling

It’s no secret that the financial aid process can be a confusing and frustrating process. Merely offering scholarships and financial aid packages to students of promise is not enough to boost persistence and retention. This is because many students of promise aren’t aware financial aid is available, let alone if they are eligible, or how to apply.

Because of this, BridgeEdU pairs students with Success Coaches who possess expertise in financial aid counseling. Students of promise subsequently spend less time worrying about funding their education and more time on completing their studies.

Fortunately, you do not have to overhaul your current retention program to create a holistic one by yourself. BridgeEdU provides schools with the tools and resources to transform the student experience, increasing student persistence and boosting your school’s ROI.

Want to learn more? Download “How BridgeEdU Transforms Retention Programs to Positively Impact Student Persistence” today.