WHAT IS BridgeEdU?

BridgeEdU is a hybrid technology and coaching solution designed to improve persistence among students of promise (i.e. first-gen, Pell-Grant eligible) to surpass national performance indicators by transforming the first- and second-year experience. 

Our personalized coaching and data-driven approach empower and motivate students to reach their dreams while boosting overall student retention rates and increasing your return on investment.

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How it works
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Unfortunately, for many students, college can be an overwhelming experience. The data show that the challenges for some students can greatly impact their ability to persist. We recognize that student success and retention cannot be achieved with technology alone.

Unlike other tech-based solutions, BridgeEdU has a robust, all-inclusive solution that addresses all of the critical, high-impact indicators for persistence. We create academic momentum by accelerating students through developmental courses and completion of gateway courses, navigating personal challenges, unlocking financial aid challenges, and creating opportunities for building social and professional capital.

BridgeEdU employs a proprietary use of success coaching with a personal inventory and skills assessment to ensure participant majors match their skills and passions, increasing personal confidence and the likelihood that students will thrive at your school. Discover how we’re different from the competition.

how we're different

BridgeEdU is a dynamic organization doing powerful work by helping students of promise through the critical first and second years of college.