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Why invest in BridgeEdu
If you are like many institutions, retaining students from their first and second years through college graduation is a key priority, and you use a variety of on-campus resources and third-party technology platforms to follow each student’s academic trajectory. Although these are all solid tools, research has shown that some students require more intrusive intervention than institutions currently offer.


Although these are all useful tools, research has shown that for some students, stronger intervention is needed beyond what many schools currently offer. Learn the Top 5 ways BridgeEdU can boost your efforts by clicking on the image below:


BridgeEdU can work with your institution to map a comprehensive college success plan for your students, built on knowledge gained from deep personal relationships with our scholars.

Are You a Good Fit for BridgeEdU?


Many institutions are achieving strong retention rates, and we congratulate them on their success. For those that have students need more intervention and support, we would love to have a conversation with you.


Fill out this short checklist to help us better understand your needs to see if you are a good match for a partnership with us. We will work with you to customize a plan to raise first-year retention to numbers that achieve your institution’s goals.

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What Does BridgeEdU Include?

With an intense focus on persistence and retention through the first two years of college, BridgeEdU provides a robust solution that includes:


+ In-depth student inventory and assessment


Tailored and accelerated academic tutoring


Maximized financial aid and literacy


Internship and networking opportunities


Tools and workshops to build personal and professional capital


Dashboards and mobile alerts to track incremental progress


Customized ROI calculations, unique to your institution and students