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BridgeEdU actively seeks partners to join the cause to help students of promise (first-generation and Pell-eligible) persist through the first two years of college.

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Who Is a Good Partner for BridgeEdU?

Our ideal BridgeEdU partner


Has already invested in or has an interest in investing in first generation and/or Pell eligible students.

Understands that simply committing financial resources without a strong personalized strategy is not enough for retention.

Wants to see current investments in students are maximized.

May also be a state, for-profit, or non-profit organization that could support our cause.

Join Us To Make an Impact. We have spent three years perfecting our model, helping our students of promise to thrive. Our data show how we beat the odds.


How Can You Become a Partner with BridgeEdU?

As a young organization, we have the advantage of flexibility with the ways we can partner with you. For example, you can:


Include BridgeEdU in your current scholarship program

Sponsor a BridgeEdU cohort of students through an institution

Partner with BridgeEdU to produce an original research study

Provide internships, mentoring, and networking opportunities for our institutions or students

Talk to us and share your ideas

We have strong relationships with federal, state, for- and non-profit organizations and can share our work and progress with you.