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Our Founder, Wes Moore

Our founder and chairman, Wes Moore, is a social justice advocate who has spent his life serving marginalized populations. Wes founded BridgeEdU with the purpose of building a better on-ramp to higher education and career preparedness. He believes in supporting populations of students who need additional encouragement throughout their first two years of college, which are arguably the most difficult to complete. By helping students of promise earn a degree and transition into a work-based learning experience or part/full-time employment, together we can effectively transform students’ lives for the better. By providing an innovative path to higher education excellence, BridgeEdU aims to engage scholars in a new way while democratizing the pathway to college completion.

Moore graduated Phi Theta Kappa from Valley Forge Military College and Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University. He also completed an MLitt in International Relations from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. Afterward, Moore served as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division in the US Army and completed a combat tour of duty in Afghanistan.

In addition to laying the foundation for BridgeEdU, Moore is the author of two New York Times Best-Selling books: The Other Wes Moore and The Work. He has been featured by USA Today, TIME Magazine, Meet the Press, and The Oprah Winfrey Show, and appears regularly on MSNBC and NPR, among many others.

In addition to serving as chairman of the BridgeEdU Board of Directors,  Moore serves as the CEO of the Robin Hood Foundation, New York City’s largest poverty-fighting organization.